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Vintage Loves Modern

One of the things I love most about vintage clothing is incorporating them into my contemporary wardrobe. Gathering pieces you love can take time + dedication. When I lost my personal collection to wildfire in 2015 I only had maybe 20 pieces of vintage that I wore on a regular basis with my contemporary clothing. I had been collecting since I first started thrifting at 14 years old. I love gathering both vintage and contemporary pieces at the thrift store, consignment shops + estate sales. I used to host annual clothing swaps in my community amongst the gals I know. Such a fun way to rotate your wardrobe AND support the women you adore! Also, being a curvier gal, the vintage pieces I find and love don’t always fit me properly (BOOBS for days) so i come across pieces for myself less often. But that’s the fun of it! The hunt! The gathering! Building a wardrobe that reflects your unique style + self! If you’re interested in adding vintage clothing to your current wardrobe, here’s a suggestion… start with buying one piece that you’ll wear regularly. Maybe some vintage jeans that easily pair with your current tops or vice versa, a vintage cotton top that you can throw on with your favorite contemporary stretch jeans. Also, buying vintage made of natural fibers might feel more comfortable for you to wear + incorporate into your outfits. Polyester can take some getting used to (cotton lover here🙋🏽‍♀️) but so many of the best novelty prints are made from polyester fabrics. Give it a try! And if you need another reason to give vintage a go, know that you are helping to support a more sustainable fashion industry. Part of the mission is rescuing these gorgeous garments from ending up in the landfill. Often these older garments are high quality + constructed to last much longer than their cheaply made contemporary counterparts. And if you need even more of a reason to start buying vintage, hear this… your wardrobe will transform into a unique reflection of YOU! You’ll be the gal turning heads in the one-of-a-kind 1960’s floral maxi and when everyone asks where they can buy it you get to say “Oh actually, it’s vintage.”✌🏽✨🪶

📸: @holly.b.rose