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Vintage Clothing Measurements

The garment industry has changed drastically and so has the sizing standards! For this reason, vintage sizing is very different from todays contemporary sizing. When purchasing a vintage garment it's really best to know your measurements or at least the measurements of some of your favorite clothing that fits you well. I will always include thorough measurements in the vintage listings so that you can decide if the piece will be a good fit or not. All of these measurements are taken in flat lay unless noted to be a circumference measurement. Be mindful that the measurements taken in flat lay need to be doubled, so as to understand fit on the body. Below are some common measurements you may see...

Shoulder to shoulder - The inches from shoulder edge to shoulder edge or shoulder seam to seam if measuring a garment.

Pit to Pit - The inches from underarm to underarm or underarm seam to seam on a garment. 

Center Back Length - The inches from the nape down the back or the length of the garment from top to bottom on the back side.

Center Front Length - The inches from the bottom of the neck down or the length of the garment from top to bottom on the front side. 

Sleeve - The length of the sleeve from shoulder seam to end of sleeve. 

Sleeve opening - The circumference of the sleeve opening at wrist.

Neck Opening - The circumference of the neck opening.

Rib Cage - The inches from side to side at the rib cage/under bust area. Useful for something cropped or empire waist.

Waist - The inches from side to side at about belly button level.

Hips - The inches from side to side at the widest part of your hip bones. 

Rise - The inches from under the crotch seam, up the pubic bone/zipper to the top of the waistband.

Inseam - The length in inches from the inside of the pant leg at the crotch down to the end of the pant at the ankle.

Leg Opening - The circumference of the leg hole at the ankle/end of pant. 

Strap Drop/length - For purses and bags, the length in inches of the entire strap or the length the purse hangs from the shoulder.

I hope this is helpful to buyers, especially first time buyers, when sizing and purchasing vintage garments.  I highly recommend measuring your favorite pieces and saving the info for future purchases!